My name is Dr. Katharina Manassis, M.D., FRCP(C): Author, certified Child Psychiatrist, and Professor Emerita at the University of Toronto. Although retired from practice, I hope to share some of what I have learned on this site. There are tips for parents and posted talks for mental health professionals. My books are accessible to a broad range of readers, though the ones on childhood anxiety, teen depression, and autistic youth are most relevant to parents; the cognitive-behavioral therapy, problem-solving, and case formulation ones are therapist-focused. “Developing Empathy” is important for us all. Enjoy!

In paperback and on Audible! “Why Taking Your Time Saves Time: Paradoxical Lessons for Our Own and Others’ Well-Being” Join me in this fascinating exploration of behavioral paradoxes: apparent contradictions which make sense once we understand the human needs and motivations behind them. Surprisingly, they may offer pathways to improved mental health, meaningful living, and well-being for ourselves and others. The book is rich with common sense and examples from lived experience to inspire the thoughtful, empathic reader. (Available on Kindle ; or paperback on or great gift for someone special!

  • Cast No Stones: A Guide to Living in Harmony

    Responding to adversity without blame is the key to finding interpersonal harmony and peace. To do so, we must understand why we blame, practice forgiveness, respond stoically, nurture a gentle spirituality, and perceive all beings with empathy. Vignettes from the author’s experience bring these
    ideas to life. Enjoy!

  • Why Taking Your Time Saves Time

    This book (Kindle Edition, and Paperback via Amazon), is rich with common sense and examples from lived experience and provides a fresh look at mindfulness, unselfconsciousness, reciprocity, wonder, and other “stuff” we need to live with equanimity and purpose. A great gift for someone special!

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