My books focus on mental health topics for parents, psychotherapists, and other interested readers.

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My unpublished Creative Works are available as FREE downloads (see below), as is Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child (now out of print).

    This book is by Jessica Kingsley Publishing. It is written for parents of autistic youth, and describes how to help them navigate the challenging developmental transition from high school to adult life. There are further chapters on planning for the long term.

empathy9781138693531   My recent book on empathy is accessible to all interested readers. It is NOW obtainable through Routledge: 


cbt9781138850309With the same publisher (Routledge), I have done a book on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for psychotherapists.

formulation9781462515608   problemsolve9781462503704Case Formulation and Problem-Solving are important aspects of child mental health care, and are described in these books published by Guilford.

keys-to-parenting-your-anxious-child-15                       depressiondownloadParents of anxious children or depressed teens may find these books helpful. BES Publishing, Inc. has done the anxiety book (out of print but downloadable below);  the depression book is available via Caversham Booksellers.

Where to Find My Books

Caversham Booksellers in Toronto carries all of my books, both those for parents and those for professionals. Most are also available through Amazon. These can be ordered at:

For my most recent books, Routledge offers a discount if ordering from their website using the discount code IRK71

For two other recent books, Guilford Publishing also offers a discount for ordering from their site:

Creative Works & Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child

This is now out of print, and copyright is the author’s. Click the link below for a free PDF version.




My creative works include: a collection of short stories (“Bittersweet Chronicle, 3rd Edition” PDF), a collection of pandemic-related reflections (NEW in 2021: “Glimpses: Reflections from the Second Year of a Pandemic”), a memoir about a particularly challenging time in my life (NEW in 2021: “Brainwaves: A Memoir”), a series of modern day fables (the “Fables with Attitude” PDF) and a book of spiritual poetry (the “Journeys of the Spirit” PDF). Feel free to download these PDFs.




bittersweet chroniclefinal





I have written several books that are relevant to children's mental health. Some are more suited to parents of youth with anxiety disorders or depression; others are more suited to children's mental health professionals. Available titles include:

Developing Empathy: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Understanding Compassion for Therapists and Parents

by Katharina Manassis MD FRCPC
Publisher: Routledge