When seeking children's mental health providers in Durham/Eastern GTA, the following may be helpful...


Most child psychiatrists are affiliated with children’s mental health organizations or hospitals. I am not aware of any in private practice who are currently accepting patients.

Treatment Programs Specific to Addiction:

There are a variety, both covered and private, and I am not an expert on these. For reliable information, please contact CAMH at 416-535-8501 option 2. The general mental health agencies listed below may also be able to advise.

Scarborough Children’s Mental Health Organizations—covered by OHIP

Durham Organizations offering Children’s Mental Health/Developmental Services—covered by OHIP

Children’s Mental Health/Developmental Providers—not covered by OHIP (n.b.: these may have shorter waitlists than the OHIP-covered providers)


I have written several books that are relevant to children's mental health. Some are more suited to parents of youth with anxiety disorders or depression; others are more suited to children's mental health professionals. Available titles include:

Developing Empathy: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Understanding Compassion for Therapists and Parents

by Katharina Manassis MD FRCPC
Publisher: Routledge