Recommended Books

A list of books to learn more about your child's challenge or parenting in general.

The Early Years:

  • Sears, W. (1991). “Keys to Calming the Fussy Baby.” Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s Educational.
  • Fung, D. & Yiming C. (2002). “Raise Your Child Right.” Singapore: Times Books International.

General Parenting Challenges:

  • Elliott, C.H. & Smith, L.L. (1999). “Why Can’t I Be the Parent I Want to Be?” Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.
  • Seligman, M.E.P. (1995). “The Optimistic Child.” New York: Harper Collins.—on fostering resilience
  • Coloroso, B. (2002). “The Bully, the Bullied, and the Bystander.” New York: Harper Collins.
  • Faber, A. & Mazlish, E. (1987). “Siblings Without Rivalry.” New York: Avon Books.
  • Faber, A. & Mazlish, E. (1980). “How to Talk so Kids  will Listen and Listen so Kids will Talk.” New York: Avon Books.

Challenging Temperaments & Minor Misbehaviour:

  • Greene, R.W. (2001). “The Explosive Child.” New York: Harper Collins.
  • Turecki S. (2000). “The Difficult Child, 2nd Edition.” New York: Bantam Books.
  • Kurcinka, M.S. (1998). “Raising Your Spirited Child.” New York: Harper Collins.
  • Kranowitz, C.S. (1998). “The Out of Sync Child.” New York: Berkley Publishing.
  • Phelan, T.W. (1995). “1-2-3 Magic, 2nd Edition.” Glen Ellyn, IL: Child Management Inc.
  • Phelan, T.W. (1993). “Surviving Your Adolescents.”  Glen Ellyn, IL: Child Management Inc.


  • Manassis, K. (2007). “Keys to Parenting Your Anxious Child, 2nd Edition.” Hauppauge, NY: Barron’s Educational.
  • Foa, E.B. & Andrews, L.W. (2006). “If Your Adolescent Has an Anxiety Disorder.” New York: Oxford University Press.
  • McHolm, A.E., Cunningham, C.E., & Vanier, M.K. (2006). “Helping Your Child with Selective Mutism.” Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.
  • Antony, M.M. & Swinson, R.P. (1998). “When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough.”  Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.


  • Foa, E.B. & Wilson, R. (2001). “Stop Obsessing.” New York: Bantam Books.
  • March, J.S. (2007). “Talking Back to OCD.” New York: Guilford Publishing.
  • Foster, C.H. (1997). “Kids Like Me: Children’s Stories about OCD” New York: Solvay Pharmaceuticals Inc.


  • Manassis, K. & Levac, A.M. (2004). “Helping Your Teenager Beat Depression.” New York: Woodbine House Publishing.


  • Barkley, R. A.  (2013). “Taking Charge of ADHD, Third Edition: The Complete, Authoritative Guide for Parents.” New York: Guilford Publishing.


  • Tanguay, P.B. (2001). “Nonverbal Learning Disabilities at Home.”  London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Gray, C. & White, A.L. (2002). “My Social Stories Book.”  London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
  • Stewart, K. (2002). “Helping a Child with NVLD or Asperger’s Syndrome.” Oakland, CA: New Harbinger.
  • Attwood, T. (1997). “Asperger’s Syndrome : A Guide for Parents and Professionals”. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.


I have written several books that are relevant to children's mental health. Some are more suited to parents of youth with anxiety disorders or depression; others are more suited to children's mental health professionals. Available titles include:

Developing Empathy: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Understanding Compassion for Therapists and Parents

by Katharina Manassis MD FRCPC
Publisher: Routledge